Common Problems Solution

- Launcher Stopped Working: 
Press on my computer or This PC > Properties > Advanced System Settings
   > Data Execution Prevention > Add > Add Silkroad.exe & sro_client.

- Server C8:
Open the game from Launcher (Silkroad.exe) not sro_client.

- Update Fail C7: 
Delete (TempPath) Folder from game folder then re update.

- Game Crash: 
> This is happen becouse your DirectX version is old

= Graphic Card Driver is old
= Your PC have low resources
= You dont have our full client or old client !

Press Esc > Options > Graphic Quality ( Low ), Effect Quality ( See All Effects ) > Confirm.
* If Still Having Crash, Download Latest Client Ver. from downloads.

- Server under inspection, go to teen server, etc. : 
Download Latest Version of DirectX From Microsoft or from our website Downloads.


- Can't Extract The Rar File! : 
* Download Latest Version of Winrar Of 7zip

- Can't See Colored Globals! : 
* Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 86bit Redistributable.